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We make POUR choices 🍻

What on Earth is a role=drinks? It’s an accessibility meetup! The event features lightning talks by accessibility specialist, time to talk to the speakers and fellow attendees, and more than enough time to grab a drink.

This is a past event; we announce drinking plans on Twitter.


The second ever role=drinks event was on . Back then we didn’t have talks yet. We got together because we were interested in accessibility. This time around we met up in grand café “Het Gegeven Paard” in Utrecht and had a bunch of drinks, snacks, and great conversations about everything accessibility. It was also the first time we had an interpreter courtesy of Eva 👍🏼

All links for people go to their Twitter profile.


No photos survived this one, but we do have a video 💖

role=drinks The universal design icon where the man is holding a bottle and a cocktail and some bubbles are coming from his head.