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We make POUR choices 🍻

What on Earth is a role=drinks? It’s an accessibility meetup! The event features lightning talks by accessibility specialist, time to talk to the speakers and fellow attendees, and more than enough time to grab a drink.


So when is it? Monday January 22nd , 2018 👌🏾.
Cool 🙌🏼 When are we expected? It runs from 18:00 to 20:00.
Where is it 🤔? Funda HQ, Piet Heinkade 167, Amsterdam
Costs? We will cover the venue, some snacks, and drinks 👍🏿.

Sounds good right? If you want to come, tell us on Twitter or send us an e-mail.

All links for people go to their Twitter profile.


If you’re interested in giving a talk let us know!

For this event we have Rachel Nabors as our main event.

From vestibular disorders to seizures, animations can have different impacts on a user's experience. Rachel will give a talk on the accessibility challenges surrounding using animations in user interfaces. (She will also have copies of her eBook, Animation at Work, available for signing!)

About Rachel

Rachel Nabors has advocated for interaction designers and developers with the W3C, Mozilla, and Microsoft. She founded the Animation at Work community and weekly newsletter. Recently she wrote an A Book Apart book about how to use all these awesome new animation features to make even better user interfaces.

Speaker list

We’re very grateful to our speakers:

How do I get there?

Funda’s office is located at Piet Heinkade 167; there’re several ways to get here. The entrance for the event is located on the right side of the building (Jollemanhof). If you see the Amsterdam School of Real Estate keep heading left 👍.

Funda office building. Pass the office on the right side and take a left.
The event entrance is the right most door in front of you.

By foot

Funda is about a 15 minute walk from the central station.

  1. Exit the station at IJ-side (the side that overlooks the river IJ)
  2. Take a right and keep heading east along De Ruijterkade
  3. After you cross a bridge De Ruijterkade transitions into Piet Heinkade
  4. The office is located on your left after about 500 meters

By tram

  1. At the central station take tram 26 heading towards IJburg
  2. Get off at the second stop (Kattenburgerstraat)
  3. Cross the street to the left of the tram tracks
  4. After crossing the street turn left
  5. The office is located on your right after about 200 meters

By bus

  1. At the central station get on line 48 heading towards Bornea Eiland
  2. Get off at the fourth stop (Jan Schaeferbrug)
  3. Cross the street to the left of the bus stop
  4. The office is located on your right after about 200 meters

By cab/car

If you want to come by cab it’s best to point them to Vriesseveem. After you arrive walk towards the water and take a right, event location is now on right with the entrance on the left side.

Who paid for all of this?

These people have been kind enough to help us run role=drinks:

Code of Conduct

Please refer to our Code of Conduct page.

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